The Rome Districts Where You Can Find A Good Hotel

Where would you be able to find a good hotel in Rome? Below we propose an overview of the different areas of Rome so that you can choose the one that is the most convenient to you according to your needs and your budget.

1. Ancient Rome

Here there are the remains of the glorious past of the capital, such as the Colosseum, the Palatine, the Imperial Forum and the Campidoglio. Crowded during the day by day-to-day tourists, after the closure of the monuments it becomes very quiet throughout the night. Here there are are high-end hotels and you will not be able to find many cheap options.

2. Old Town

With its cobbled alleys, lively squares, Renaissance palaces, beautifull cafes and trendy restaurants, this is the most fascinating area of Rome. Piazza Navona and the Pantheon are not far away, and there are many monuments, museums and churches full of art treasures. It is the capital’s most expensive neighborhood and therefore it will not be that simple to find cheap hotels. Please note also that it might be noisy.

3. Tridente, Trevi And The Quirinale

This area, crowded with tourists, is full of glamorous, trendy boutiques and refined hotels. It is an excellent solution if you are looking for mid-range hotels. The neighborhood has a good transport network.

4. Vatican City, Borgo And Prati

The neighborhood is close to the Basilica of Saint Peteir and the Vatican Museums. Here there are hundreds of souvenir shops and restaurants that are often too expensive for what they offer. In the wealthy area of Prati there is a good choice of hotels, shops and restaurants. It is well connected to the subway.

5. From San Giovanni to Testaccio

It is an area of many facets. Here you can find medieval churches and monumental basilicas such as San Giovanni in Laterano, imposing ruins such as the Baths of Caracalla or quiet villas such as Villa Celimontana. If you love nightlife, you can find the best in Testaccio, with its traditional taverns. Here you can find cheaper hotels than in the center. If you are looking for a quiet and romantic place, choose the Aventino.

5. South Rome (Roma Sud)

It is a large area that extends to the southern limits of the town. The most interesting areas are the ancient Appia road, Via Ostiense and the EUR. It offers many ways to have fun, with trendy places and trendy bars. Here there is also the Quartiere della Garbatella, very quiet and without noise, with low houses, vegetable gardens and gardens. It is the neighborhood where the successful fiction “I Cesaroni” has been set. The metro is quite close (line B stop Garbatella)

6. Villa Borghese and North Rome

It is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Rome. Here there is the most famous park in Rome (Villa Borgese) and the most exclusive residential area (Parioli). Those who love music can not go to the Auditorium park of music. Those who love art can choose between the MAXXI and the Borghese Museum and Gallery. Typically in the evening the area is quiet. There are not many cheap hotels.

7. Monti, Esquilino and San Lorenzo

This is the area that gravitates around Termini station, so its streets are noisy. It has one of the most beautiful museums in Rome, that is the Palazzo Massimo alle terme. If you are looking for a budget hotel in Rome, this neighborhood is for you.

8. Trastevere and Gianicolo

This beautiful area of Rome, with its postcard lanes and its nonconformist atmosphere, is one of the most beloved neighborhoods in Rome. There is always a celebration air and there are hundreds of bars, cafes, restaurants and trattorias. For this reason it can be very noisy. Hotel accommodations are expensive.


If you are a fan of the Italian TV series “I Cesaroni,” be sure to add the filming locations of this famous comedy series to your itinerary for visiting Rome.
The outside scenes are mostly set in the popular neighborhood of Garbatella, one of the most beautiful districts of Rome. Built in the twenty-year fascist period, it was conceived as the ideal district, a garden city of social houses. In fact, there are no large buildings in this area, only small villas and colorful houses immersed in an oasis of peace. You can reach it easily through Metro line B, by getting off at the Garbatella stop.
Aside from those scenes filmed in the Garbatella district, other scenes were filmed at the Pigneto, the Prenestino, San Saba, and other areas of Rome.
Here is a list of locations that will guide you along the footsteps of “I Cesaroni”


The Ugo Foscolo high school is actually the Cesare Battisti primary school, built during Mussolini’s reign in the 1930s. You can find it in Piazza Damiano Sauli. 1


The wine shop, the bar of the Cesaroni, managed by the friendly Claudio Amendola, is located in Piazza Giovanni da Triora, 6, at the entrance of Roma Club Garbatella, one of the most famous bars of Rome.
This has become a tourist destination both for fans of the most-viewed Italian TV series and for people who come to visit it out of pure curiosity.
Next to the bar of the Cesaroni there is a beautiful stairway, which is actually located in Via Giovanni da Montecorvino. In the TV series, the stairway leads to the house of the Cesaroni (however, the inside is filmed in Cinecittà).


You can find the bar in Piazza Sant’Eurosia, one of Garbatella’s iconic areas.


The house is actually located in the Prenestino district, in Via di Villa Serventi, between Via Casilina and Via Straboni, the street with the garage of Max Tortora interpreted by Ezio Masett.


The football field is in Via Gordiani, 191, in the Prenesto district. This is actually the training field of Cisco Collatinus.


The “Mo’mo’ Republic” is the beautiful bar where Alex works. A trendy spot in Rome, it’s located in Piazza Carlo Forlanini, 10, behind the hospital of the same name in the Portuense district.